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Welcome to Training Therapy Development, where you can meet new people, old friends and enjoy a socially relaxing experience.


The centre is an enterprise hub where hand-eye co-ordination skills are … 


Therapy comes in many forms and is part of a person’s over-all well-being …


Building and improving social skills and self-confidence is established as …

Training Therapy Development empowers individuals to embrace a healthier and fulfilling lifestyle, putting them in control and helping them feel inspired and confident.



To providing effective, passionate support to our surrounding community and the individuals who engage in the centre.


Sharing skills, creating enterprise, and making a difference.


Encouraging young adults with mild/moderate learning difficulties to experience freedom, choice and self-belief.


Embracing the environment and following a sustainable approach.

Ready Rango, Bathtime


The centre is an enterprise hub where hand-eye coordination skills are created and enhanced, allowing the individual to explore creativity and focus.

Individuals will choose an item of old furniture that can be upcycled and reinvented, sometimes involving upholstering. This will develop new skills with woodwork, from grooving to heat treating. The upcycled furniture will be used for resale as part of the enterprise, as well as knitting hats for homeless charities, crocheting baby blankets for pre-natal units and making bird boxes for environmental charities. These are some of the areas in which the products will benefit the wider community and the individuals will know their contribution has played a key role.

Other crafting opportunities will offer focus, reduce stress and bolster mood. Crafting has shown to improve mental agility, improving both gross and fine motor skills and decreasing cognitive decline. Card making, painting-by-numbers and jewellery making will be available as well as a permanent jigsaw desk.



Therapy comes in many forms and is part of a person’s overall well-being. Creating a mutually strong mental and physical lifestyle is greatly encouraged within the centre.

Spending regular time outdoors in various local beauty spots and woods creates an opportunity to ‘Walk and Talk’ along with our therapy dog, Dylan. Walking creates mindful opportunities, exploring the seasons and wildlife, map reading skills and den building. The ‘Walk and Talk’ session will be using the beautiful landscape that surrounds us to promote healthy living, exercise and talking therapy whilst understanding and developing their environment, habitats and the changing seasons. This offers a relaxed opportunity to have a scenic lunch outside in peaceful surroundings. Wellies and outdoor clothing are strongly recommended.

Indoors, there are opportunities for group Life Coaching sessions, stress management, Music Therapy and Mindful Colouring. Yoga and meditation are also part of our calming therapies, whilst scrapbooking and journaling is encouraged for reflection and problem solving. Techniques for relaxation and breathing will be introduced for focusing the mind which in turn will aid the power of sleep for some.

The centre will offer a film session once a week, chosen carefully to fully engage the individual in sensory and language. This includes old classic films and black and white comedies which offer slapstick routines, simple dialogue and plots. You can’t beat a laughter session!



Building and improving social skills and self-confidence is established as we use various public transport and facilities in the community, encouraging money skills and social interaction. Reading transport timetables, planning journeys, and choosing how to spend ‘days out’ as a group will give participants a choice in what they want from their centre.

Discussion of current affairs, both nationally and locally, will raise their awareness and give them an opportunity to discuss their views in a small group, using newspapers and magazines. They will also be encouraged to take part in small roles of responsibility at the centre.

Reading is encouraged, including library visits, and a regular general knowledge quiz, word searches and puzzles and board games that can be done as a small group, or independently, to promote interaction with others.

Outdoor sport is sourced in playing tennis, trying the golf driving range, Boccia tournaments and fishing at a local lake.


We are a small, bespoke centre focused on offering positive change and developing skills, with a strong belief in using the environment to enhance well-being.

There is a weekly option in the Independent Training Day to leave the centre and focus on an environmentally focused outing, or an urban visit involving an activity and public transport. For this, we will travel together as a group with no more than ten clients. This will often incur an additional fee to cover expenses, but further information will be available to you. We strongly recommend that the client gets a railcard to enable them to maximise the benefits of cheaper travel.

The centre encourages choice and independence, offering a relaxed and friendly environment. We welcome those receiving social funding who may have recently left education. The centre is ideal for those clients with mild to moderate learning difficulties and each new client will be assessed individually to ensure we can meet their needs.

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